School of International Cooperation & Education

    School of International Cooperation & Education

With more than 40 faculty members working together, school of International Cooperation & Education (school of Foreign Languages) has created the first international talent training in Nantong, the highland of higher vocational education, formed its distinctive educational characteristics and achieved remarkable achievements. 

school of International Cooperation & Education (school of foreign languages) was originally established in 1983 as economic and trade English major. After more than 30 years of construction and development of college in the teaching reform, talents cultivation, scientific research and so on, it has carried on the positive exploration and bold practice and made tremendous contributions to the cultivation of foreign trade talents and economic cooperation in Nantong and Yangtze River delta. 

The school is now responsible for college foreign language teaching, business English and Business Japanese teaching, international student education and international cooperation and exchange. 

Centering on the quality of foreign language talents training, the school has focused on strengthening the two engines of international cooperation and government-university-enterprise cooperation, which has promoted the rapid development of the school. 

The school is carrying out the International Student program of Presidential Revitalization Plan of Namibia as well as international cooperation and exchanges with the United States, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries. Cooperating with Jiangsu Second Normal University, the school is conducting the 5-year business English undergraduate program. There are nearly 50 international students and nearly 600 students majoring in business English and Business Japanese. 

The school has first-class professional teaching staff and advanced experimental and practical training conditions. There are nearly 40 full-time teachers of English and Japanese, 30 of whom have overseas study experience, and 70% of them have senior professional titles and graduate degrees. The modern experimental and practical training equipment consists of multimedia phonetic teaching laboratory, Japanese Culture Center and digital simultaneous interpretation training center. 

Focusing on the training of higher vocational and technical talents, the school applies advanced teaching concepts to strengthen the training of foreign language skills and focuses on the cultivation of students' language communication ability.  More than 95% of the students have passed CET-4 or Japanese Level 2. Many students have won awards in national, provincial and municipal foreign language competitions, and the employment rate has reached 100%. 

The school cooperates with Nantong University to carry out the "3+1" undergraduate program. It has also carried out overseas programs of undergraduate and postgraduate promotion with Athlon Institute of Technology in Ireland. 

The School of International Cooperation & Education is a place where you can make your dreams come true.